Mesquite Nesting Tables

Mesquite Nesting Tables, Set of 3.

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This set of 3 Nesting tables features the timeless character of our beautiful Mesquite, they are considerable lighter than any other of our Mesquite tables as they are slices of the slab. They are finished on Danish Oil, not polyurethane but it can be done upon request. You can pick from no inlay/just black resin or our signature Turquoise and copper, Turquoise only, Copper only or if you want to send your gems or stones we can dot hat, too!  The tables are also sold Individually.

Dimensions : due to it’s free-form style, these are approximate dimensions.

Small Table 15″L x 18″ W x 16″H

Medium Table 15″L x 23″ W x 21″H

Large Table 15″L  x 27″ W x 224″H


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